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Asynchronous development is common in gifted children. Gifted can go hand in hand with uneven development in skills and heightened sensitivity. This is challenging for families, and teachers don't always know how to best support a child's individual needs. Children become frustrated and need extra support to flourish.



The transition to adolescence and young adulthood is difficult for everyone, but gifted youth face unique challenges. They may at be higher risk for social-emotional difficulties. Academics, sports, peers, dating, critical tests, college applications... life becomes overwhelming and adolescents need direction.  It is easy to get off course during this critical time. Ensure they have the support and skills they need to pursue their goals.



Adulting is hard and the challenges of being a gifted adult aren't always recognized.  Work, family, social... finding life balance is exhausting and responsibility can be overwhelming. Learning to balance, regulate and rejuvenate is essential. Self growth and support may be the path you need.

Questions about the social emotional development of gifted?